Director of Photography



                    Stefano was born in Florence (Italy) in 1961.

                     After attending the Florentine School of Art,

                  In 1979 he begins to work as Animation Film Designer,

                for a Film Studio in Florence.

                  In 1980 he starts his creer in the Advertising Business,

                   initially as light technician, then as Camera Assistant.

                    In 1983 he moves from Florence to Milan and works as gaffer,

                for the most important Production Companies in Milan

                    and some of the best International Directors of Photography,

                    with whom he travels around the world.

                    in 1991 Stefano works on his first TV Commercial, as Director of Photography

                    and wins the K-Award, in its category, as best of the year.

                    In 2003 wins the Special Kodak-Award, for Best Photography,

                at an International Film Festival.

                   Since 1991, he has been working as Director of Photography

                    on many TV Commercials, in Italy and abroad, for major International Clients,

                    gaining international experience within the Film and TV industry.

                    Stefano is still actively working as Director of Photography internationally.

                        He has been working in the following Countries :

                    Italy - U.S.A. - France - Germany - Greece - Russia - Romania - Ukraine

                        Poland - Bulgaria - Turkey - Kenya - Marocco - Egypt

                        Lebanon - United Emirates - Jordan

                He has Directed commercials in :

                    Italy - U.S.A. - Russia - Ukraine - Romania - Poland


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